Bordertown RV Resort review

Frequently asked questions about this hotel Bordertown Rm Resort

What are the popular attractions near Bordertown Rm Resort?

Nearest sightseeing places: Thermal Sky Sports (3,7 km).

What amenities and services are available at the hotel Bordertown Rm Resort?

The most popular amenities include free Wi-Fi, a lobby and free parking.

What food and drinks are available at Bordertown Rm Resort?

During your stay, guests can use the following service: lobby.

Is parking available at Bordertown Rm Resort?

Yes, guests have access to free parking.

What restaurants are located near Bordertown Rm Resort?

Nearby restaurants include bordertown casino, Village Grill and 7-Eleven.

Are guests with pets allowed at Bordertown Rm Resort?

Yes, as a rule, living with pets is allowed, but it is always better to call and clarify in advance.

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Went a lot of May miles – July. It was one of our favorite stays here because the park was neat, clean and well organized. We decided to add an extra night. It was so good that we just didn't want to go!
This is very simply one of the most beautiful vans that you will ever see. Places in and paved with good grassy areas between hotels. The evening out was at hand. Hook – takeoffs were comfortable and handled well. Cable TV was good with a limited number of channels. WI – FI worked well, but a little slow. The dog park and the dump were easy to get to our site. There are also several grassy areas where your dogs can do their chores. As always seems to be the case, we saw piles of gloomy grass and dog park (gravel), which the lazy, careless, unceremonious dog owners were too lazy to accept. Sorry for that. This is a beautiful park. Take a little class. My wife
We went with my in-laws for dinner on Thursday night. It's sad because they were already good. And now, it seems, they have decided the corners. I ordered a skirt and the cheese, tasted like it, was pre-coated with that white sugar substance in it. Also the pancakes stale weren't even browned. If you enter the restoration before 2:30, you will spend your time and money better if you are going to Landmarks.